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Ordering Policy


  1. Initial Deposit: To reserve merchandise with a minimum value of £400, a 50% deposit is required upon placement of the order. If the total balance isn't received within the specified timeframe, the initial 50% deposit will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

  2. Payment Plans: For merchandise 'to order,' a payment plan is available if the event date is 12 months or more in the future. Upon receiving a £200 deposit, you can arrange a payment plan for the remaining 50% of the total cost. This balance can be paid in up to four instalments, with agreed-upon dates set by a Pretty Panache staff member. The final payment should be made no less than 8 months before the event date. Until the merchandise is paid for in full, it remains the property of Pretty Panache.


  1. Alteration Costs: The price of garments excludes alteration or fitting costs, although we offer this service. If you do not require in-store alterations, please inform us as soon as you decide. Pretty Panache will not be held responsible for alterations performed by another specialist close to the event date.

  2. Alteration Specialist Advice: Any advice taken from our alteration specialist is done at your own risk and personal choice. The specialist cannot be held responsible for any alterations deemed unsatisfactory if you requested them. Merchandise should not leave the store until all alterations are completed.


Pretty Panache merchandise is designed for special occasions and not for everyday wear. Any general wear and tear, damage, or color changes resulting from improper care or storage are your responsibility. Please follow the care instructions on the label inside your garment, and if you have any questions, contact us at


Merchandise should be picked up within 60 days of your recorded event date (as indicated by Pretty Panache). If you haven't retrieved your paid merchandise within this period, it will be considered abandoned, and your rights to the merchandise will be terminated. We will make reasonable efforts to contact you via phone, email, and postal mail during this 60-day period. If you are unresponsive or unreachable, your merchandise rights will similarly terminate.


Merchandise available in-store (e.g., sale items) with a minimum value of £400 may be reserved with a 50% deposit. Pretty Panache will hold the reserved merchandise for 28 calendar days.

  • Cancellation: If you cancel the reservation before additional payments are made, a full refund of the 50% deposit will be issued.

  • Remaining Balance: The remaining balance of a reservation must be paid within 28 days of the receipt date. You can pay the balance in up to four installments, either in person or via phone. The agreed end date will be specified on the receipt, and we will contact you if payments are not met.

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